About us

The purpose of the foundation is the promotion of art and culture, education, as well as of social tasks. The purpose of the foundation is realized in particular e.g. by the promotion of the fine arts, in particular Syrian artists, of art and music through the support of needy artists, in particular of Syrian origin, as well as school and higher education institutions of art.

Chawkat Takla was born in Homs in Syria and came to Germany in 1968 to study electrical engineering. He has been an entrepreneur for many years and took over the honorary consulate of the Arab Republic of Syria for the states of Bremen and Lower Saxony. In the context of this activity, he organizes and promotes cultural events and, in particular in the past years of the crisis, provides substantial support for humanitarian aid for his home country.

Dr. Gudrun Takla studied medicine and worked for over thirty years as an internist specialising in haematology / oncology at a Bremen hospital. She has long been associated with Syria through her husband and has been deeply involved with the culture and history of the country.

The preservation of the Syrian cultural heritage as well as the help of needy families living there is a matter close to both hearts.

The Foundation's Board of Administration is made up of persons from the fields of politics, art and business:

Honorary Chairman Christian Weber (†) President of the Bremen State Parliament

Chairman Peter Hoedemaker

Prof. Dr. Christoph Grunenberg  Director of the Kunsthalle Bremen
Matthias Ehlert Editor-in-chief Weltkunst
Rajab Ibrahim Building contractor
Frank Schlaberg CEO of Deutsche Handelsbank
Lisa-Kristin Takla Lawyer

Executives Chawkat Takla, Dr. Hartwig Meyer